6th Battalion, Royal Berks
1st July 1916

Gallery & Documentation
The Frontline Positions
View of the ground assaulted by the 6th Berkshires from the 8th Norfolk's Start Line
View North towards Montauban Alley from the 8th Norfolk's Start Line
View North West fo Montauban from the 8th Norfolks Start LIne
Montauban - Mametz Rd.
View East towards Montauban from the Montauban - Mametz Rd.
View West from the Montauban - Mametz Rd.
View North from the Montauban - Mametz Rd.
View South from the Montauban - Mametz Rd.
Kitchener's New Army
Kitchener Volunteers
Kitchener Officers in Training
Major General Sir Ivor Maxse
Troops Convalescing in Liverpool
Lewis Alfred Brooking
The Somme Offensive
British Artillery on the Somme
Captured Wood
Autumn Mud
Contemporary Cartoons
French Lesson
Somme Punch
6th Royal Berks. - Misc.
6th Berks Officers
6th Berkshires, 1917
6th Berks Officers, New Year 1916
Reading Men on the Western Front
Winter Attire
Charles McCue
6th Royal Berks. - DCM Winners
CSM Sayer
RSM Bartholomew
The Distinguished Conduct Medal is ranked second only to the VC as a recognition of bravery. Two were awarded to members of the 6th Berks. on 1st July, 1916.
Thiepval Memorial
Allied Graves at Thiepval
Thiepval Memorial to the Missing
View from Montauban towards Thiepval

6th Royal Berks. - 1st July, 1916
L/Cpl. Albert Syms
L/Cpl W. Pullinger
Pte. J. Beckett
Pte. A.J. McCullough
Pte. W.J. Collyer
Pte. F.F. Craxton
Pte. A.G. Broadhurst
Pte. F.J. Long
Pte. F.C. Dray
Pte. W.C. Edwards
Pte. T.H. Enoch
Pte. J. Provins
Pte. A. Bartlett
Pte H.G. Russell

Report from Capt. W.H. Bull of the 7th Beds. on the events of 1st July, 1916. The Beds. attacked to the left of the 6th Berks. at the junction of their respective Brigades. This report is an excellent insight into the progress of the two battalions and the experiences of the soldiers.
Draft copy of report to Brigade Major 54th Brigade from 7th (S) Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment, concerning the progress of the 7th Beds. on 1st July, 1916.
  Thanks "J.W.", who is researching the 7th Beds. in WW1, for contributing the above 2 documents.
  6th Berks Wartime Itinerary Page 1. Outline of the Battalion's movements from inception in 1915 up to early October, 1916
  6th Berks Wartime Itinerary Page 2. Outline of the Battalion's movements from early October, 1916 until they were disbanded in February, 1918
  Royal Berks Awards up to Jan, 1917
Cover Page - Awards to the Royal Berks, compiled Jan. 1917 VC, Order of the Bath, Order of St. Michael & St. George, DSO, MC. DCMsMilitary Medals - Page 1Military Medals - Page 2MSMs & MIDs (Part1)MIDs Part 2Misc. Awards
  Officer Lists
Royal Berks Line & Militia list, 1908
Partial list of the Officers in the Royal Berkshire Regt., 1908. Many of these men went on to fight in the Great War, some in the 6th Berks.
Officers of the Royal Berkshire Regt., Jan. 1915
Partial list of Officers of the Royal Berks in January, 1915 - including all those in the 6th Battalion.

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On the Somme